Black and White Wedding Photography

How important is colour in Wedding Photography ? Quite often it’s very important, especially when you need us to capture the details and colours you have chosen for your Wedding Day. We do capture all of our Weddings in colour and deliver them in colour to our clients, though we do sprinkle some black & white edited photographs into your Gallery.¬†

Black and White Wedding photographs help to tell a story. Sometimes too much colour can distract the viewer from the story that is unfolding. With black and white edits, they can often better represent the emotion that present in that moment.

Do you like Black & White Wedding Photographs?

Below is some images taken from Chelsea & Adams Wedding taken this year in October 2019 at Hardwicke Hall in Blackhall, Hartlepool where we were the Wedding Photographers for the day.

Follow the story as the day unfolded 

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